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Vacation Ready Guide 2.0!

A different approach on “Vacation Ready”. Focusing more on self love, confidence, and personal growth while kicking butt in the gym with HIIT workouts that can be adapted to home or a gym!


Evolve Your Business 6-Week E-Course

Only $99! Learn how to begin, grow, and evolve your online business!

The Podcast

Gabby Male evolve your life podcast

Check out my new podcast, Evolve Your Life! In this podcast you will learn about a plethora of topics ranging from health and fitness, to spirituality, business, personal development and more! Also Available on iTunes!


Bringing dietitians and personal trainers TO YOU! Sign up today for your customized meal plan and workout subscription! healthEVO is a health coach in the palm of your hand!

Work With Me

personal development coaching with gabbyy male

Join my Evolve Your Life Coaching tribe! I offer Evolve Your Life Group Coaching, which is 1-1 coaching with me, in a group setting! I have 4 rounds of group coaching a year. Spring (Feb 25-May 20th) Summer (June 1st - Aug 24th) Fall (Sept. 1st - Nov 24th) Winter (Dec. 1st - Feb 23rd)


NEW: Evolve Your Life Group Coaching!

Apply Now For Spring Enrollment! Begins Feb. 25th


Workout Programs

Shop my range of workout programs! I have a wide variety of programs that will help you reach your goals!



Custom, Dietitian Approved Meal Plans & Fitness Plans

You can now get a fully customized, dietitian approved meal plan all on a user-friendly app!


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