Vacation Ready Guide 2.0


Vacation Ready Guide 2.0


This is the 2019 Vacation Ready Guide 2.0! This program is for those wanting to feel incredible in their skin physically AND mentally. Not only is this physically challenging, but it helps test and enrich your mind, teaching you about personal development topics that will help you feel confident as heck in your skin!

This program includes:

  • 30 days of workouts (lifting and hiit circuit style. Can be adapted to at-home with minimal equipment!)

  • Facebook support group (link to join found in the program)

  • Self-love and personal development topics and worksheets

  • Suggested instagram accounts, podcasts, and books.

  • Optional nutrition meal plan add-on

    *If you are interested in this option, it is through my company healthEVO. To learn more and purchase the meal plan add on, CLICK HERE

    *I explain everything about this option in the program

*Sharing, copying, or duplicating this program is considered theft and will be punishable to the fullest extent of the law. Gabby Male LLC owns the rights to all content in this program, and any form of copyright or plagiarism is prohibited.

*Be sure to download this document, because the link expires. If for some reason the link does expire or you have trouble accessing the document, email me your confirmation number and I will resend it to you! (

*By purchasing you are confirming that Gabby Male LLC is not responsible for any injuries, be sure to consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise program. Gabby Male LLC is a Certified American Council on Exercise personal trainer. 

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