Self Improvement 6-Week Program

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Self Improvement 6-Week Program


This is the program that was used for the 2018 6-Week Summer challenge!

• 6-Weeks of workouts (lifting based workouts + HIIT style circuits- AND extra ab and bodyweight hiit circuits. All new never before seen workouts!)

• Food planner and Macro planner

• Summer macro friendly recipes 

• Weekly self check-in sheets

• Self awareness tracker

• Facebook and Discord Group Chat for motivation and community 

• Weekly informative videos from me

• Access to my Macro Ebook and Exercise Library 

• Chance to win some CASH PRIZES and other goodies!

• Guaranteed self improvement and hundreds of new friends to turn to for motivation and inspiration

*Challenge officially begins MONDAY APRIL 16th! This guide is $35 until April 15th, price jumps up on the 16th for late registration. 

Questions? Email me!

*PLEASE do not share, email or send this guide to anyone. Remember, this is my business and I have worked SO hard on this. I also strive to make EVERY guide or challenge I do affordable for everyone, so this is all I am asking of you guys! <3 You guys rock, THANK YOU!

*Be sure to download this document, because the link expires. If for some reason the link does expire or you have trouble accessing the document, email me and I will resend it to you! (

*By purchasing you are confirming that Gabby Male is not responsible for any injuries, be sure to consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise program. Gabby Male is a Certified American Council of Exercise personal trainer. 

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