4-Week Vacation Ready Guide

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Get Your Sh*t Together with Gabby.jpg

4-Week Vacation Ready Guide


This is my 2018 SPRING BREAK CHALLENGE GUIDE! But, it is perfect at any time of the year for cutting down and specifically getting vacation ready!

(Challenge has already began, but you can still purchase and do the guide!)

- 4 weeks of workouts specific for fat loss! Higher intensity, circuit workouts! These workouts are gym based, but due to the high amount of circuits, you can make them work with minimal equipment (Dumbbells some bands etc.)

- Info on: Workouts, Progress Pictures, Nutrition, Self Love, Healthy Alcoholic Drinks, Groceries and Snack Ideas!

- Weekly goal setting template

- Weekly self-check in template

-Exercise library (to help with exercises you are unsure about)

-Macro Ebook 

-Facebook group with all the other participants

-Weekly videos from me on different health and fitness related topics

-The chance to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and get CASH prizes AND Myprotein products! ($100, $75, or $50)

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Questions? Email me! gmalefit@gmail.com

*PLEASE do not share, email or send this guide to anyone. Remember, this is my business and I have worked SO hard on this. I also strive to make EVERY guide or challenge I do affordable for everyone, so this is all I am asking of you guys! <3 You guys rock, THANK YOU!

*Be sure to download this document, because the link expires. If for some reason the link does expire or you have trouble accessing the document, email me and I will resend it to you! (gmalefit@gmail.com)

*By purchasing you are confirming you are 18 and that Gabby Male is not liable for any injury. Always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.

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