HIIT Workouts + Circuits Guide

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HIIT Workouts + Circuits Guide


This workout guide includes: 

- 14 page PDF file
- Explanation of what HIIT cardio is, and why it is effective.
- 6 machine workouts (2 treadmill workouts, 2 bike workouts, 1 elliptical workout, and 1 stair master workout)
- 3 full body circuit style HIIT workouts (minimal to no equipment required)
- Total of 9 HIIT workouts to add into your weekly routine. 
- Workout lengths: 15 mins

Perfect for anyone looking to switch up their cardio routine, learn more about HIIT, and lean up without losing muscle! 

*Be sure to download this document, because the link expires. If for some reason the link does expire or you have trouble accessing the document, email me and I will resend it to you! (gmalefit@gmail.com)

*By purchasing you are confirming you are 18 and that Gabby Male is not liable for any injury. Always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.

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