Hey everyone! 

My Name is Gabby Male and I am 23 years old. I was born in Salisbury, England, but I moved to Granville, Ohio when I was 4 years old, and I graduated from The University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY. I graduated with my Bachelors in Public Health, Minor in Health Communication, and Certificate in Health Communication. I also am an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer. 

My fitness journey truly began in my senior year of high school after soccer season ended. My whole life I had coaches, parents, and teammates making me practice and be active, so as soon as it ended I knew I didn’t want to just sit around, so I decided to get into fitness and work on my “dream body” since I had never really had a positive body image and I wanted to change that. It started off really well, I lost a lot of weight really fast, but I quickly became way too obsessed with counting calories, and losing more and more weight. I went from 146 to 118lbs in 4 months and realized that I was being way too obsessive about food and working out once or twice a day… it was slowly taking away my social life, and my mental health. I didn’t have an eating disorder, but I had very disordered eating.

I then decided I wanted to fix my obsessive eating and desire to be “small” and instead be healthy and strong, so I started lifting heavier weights, eating more food, and focusing more on the weight I was lifting in the gym, not the weight on the scale. It hasn’t been easy, there have been many ups and downs, but I have slowly taught myself to be happy and love my body whatever state it is in, and lifting weights has completely changed the shape of my body for the better and my metabolism as well! I can eat a lot more food, have awesome lifts, and I’m not worry or obsess over calories. Fitness has made me who I am. I am strong, confident, and it has taught me so much self-discipline. I love setting goals and hitting them, it keeps me motivated and makes me feel proud! I love teaching women how to make this shift in their life as well! Through things like food freedom, self-development, fitness, and connecting more spiritually, I have truly transformed and evolved my mindset to be so much more positive, happy, and carefree!

I started this journey of becoming a “social media influencer” over 3 years ago. It is insane how much I have changed mentally and physically because of things like Instagram and YouTube. The amount of support I have received from people I know personally, as well as people I have never even met is unreal. Having someone email me or comment on my posts telling me I have helped them jumpstart their journey, or that I have inspired them in any way at all makes me the happiest person alive!

Thank you for being a part of me journey, and I cannot wait to help you Evolve YOUR Life!


Gabby Male