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The Challenge

The "She Who Believes" challenge began in March of 2017. It started as just a way for girls to lose some weight for spring break, start their fitness journey, meet some friends in fitness, and create balance.The first challenge was incredibly successful and changed the lives of every single girl that participated. Not only did they change their physical appearance, but they found happiness and a new positive outlook on life. This challenge is more than just 30 days of trying to be healthier, it is 30 days to begin your own fitness journey and find what fitness means to you. Too often people want to look like others, be like others, and do fitness how others do it, when in reality the best way to begin is to find what makes you happy, and what will make this a true lifestyle change, not just 30 days. It is so much more than that- it is a chance to find yourself, a chance to make amazing friendships, a time to be curious and ask questions, a time a truly find what you love and make permanent changes that will stick beyond the 30 days. This challenge has changed the lives of so many amazing young women, and I highly encourage you to join us on our journeys. 



What It includes

  • 4, 6, or 8 weeks of workouts depending on the length of challenge
  • Macro E-Book
  • Extra full body circuits
  • Extra ab circuits
  • Facebook group with the other girls in the challenge
  • Discord (group message app) with everyone
  • Exclusive videos from me
  • Facebook live Q&A with me
  • Exercise Video Library
  • Information on: Workouts, Nutrition, Mobility, Balance, Self Love, Tracking Progress, and Setting Goals 





Email me if you have any questions or concerns about the challenge! 

Email: gmalefit@gmail.com