Evolve Your Life Group Coaching

Workbook included with Group Coaching

Evolve Your Life Group Coaching will transform your life alongside other empowering women who are looking to become their best selves. We work on bettering your relationship with not only fitness/health, but with food, and with yourself. We focus on Self Development, Self Growth, Self Love, Fitness, Nutrition, Healthy Relationships, and overall LIFE. Group coaching is 12 weeks, and spots are limited!

Group Coaching Includes:

  • 12 weeks of DAILY workouts (plus cardio and core workouts)

  • A 12 week self development/personal growth course with PDFs, videos, and homework

  • A 12 week workbook sent to you

  • Access to me for anything you need 

  • 24/7 Group support from other women in coaching through a Group Chat

  • A weekly group video ZOOM call with all the girls

  • Weekly emails with podcasts, books, articles, inspiration, and other informative content

  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins

  • Optional Add On: Custom dietitian approved meal plans through my company @health_evo (Will be $10 extra a month)

I am now accepting clients for SPRING GROUP COACHING!

Begins: FEB 25th | Payment Plans Available | Only 25-30 Spots

*For info on pricing, and to view the payment plans, please email me! gmalefit@gmail.com


Client Testimonials

evolve your life coaching client testimonial
evolve your life coaching client testimonial