The Power of GRATITUDE When Life Throws You The Unexpected

The Power Of GRATITUDE. My Car Crash Story.jpg

Sooo, I was in a car accident this weekend. It wasn’t a pretty one either. Thankfully everyone involved walked away unharmed, and it wasn’t my car that was totaled. Anyway, it gave me a lot to think about and reflect on. So, I urge you to listen to this quick episode if you feel like the world has been heavy recently.. if you feel overwhelmed… or if you have just been feeling blahhh. This little chat is for YOU!

INSTA LIVE Q&A: Building Confidence, My Unconventional Relationship With God & MORE

Instagram LIVE Q&A_ Building Confidence, My Unconventional Relationship With God, And MORE!.jpg

This is a replay from the instagram live Q&A I did! We dove into a bunch of different topics, from religion, to exercise, to relationships and business! Give this podcast a listen if you want a glimpse into the life of Gabby, and what makes me… me!

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