Building A Successful "Side Hustle" With Space, Place, and Southern Grace Blogger Sarah Caton

Sarah is the author of the lifestyle blog Space, Place & Southern Grace. Her first book, Lessons We Paid For, is an experience-based guide for upcoming and current college students. It addresses a variety of issues such as living, learning, sexuality, mental health, and more, Lessons We Paid For challenges readers to adopt a feminist perspective when making decisions in college. Her second book, being released in early 2019 is called: This Little Thing I Do Sometimes and it is a blueprint for small business owners. It covers a lot of often overlooked business fundamentals, but focuses on how strategic language and communication must be at the core of your business values.

In this podcast we discuss her journey to becoming a small business owner, her tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and many tactics she has used to create a successful side hustle through blogging, photography, business coaching, and social media marketing!