Living Fearlessly & Discovering Your Highest Self with Myra Gerst

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This episode is FILLED with so much incredible knowledge, wisdom, advice, and tips to help you live fearlessly, improve your nutrition, and discover your highest self! Myra is a holistic health coach living in south east Asia! She is currently in Bali living the dream, and she shares her secrets with you to living a healthy, happy, & fearless life!

Breaking Up With Yo-Yo Dieting

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I think this is the BIGGEST theme I see among my followers. The constant cycle of extremes, especially with women in college! If you are stuck in the cycle of: “okay its Monday let’s kill it”, then Saturday comes and you feel like you have “ruined everything”… so you hop back into the cycle on Monday… and it never ever stops. This podcast is for you. Or if you are someone who constantly tries different diets, restricts, then over-eats anyway… this podcast is for you!

Creating a Healthy Relationship With FOOD and FITNESS with Heather Biltoc

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Today I chat with one of my client-turned best friends, Heather Biltoc! Heather is always a shining light in my day and she has incredible insight into creating healthy habits in the gym, and with food. As someone who was 200lbs as a child, she has experienced a lot with body image, bullying, and self doubt, but Heather has Evolved Her Life into something incredible, and I can’t wait for you to hear all the amazing things we discussed!

Creating Your BEST LIFE, and BEST YOU with @Morgseliz

Today I got the pleasure of interviewing Morgan McNinch (@Morgseliz). She discusses her journey with IRONMAN competitions, self development, and creating her business while working a corporate job! If you are someone who struggles to LOVE the life you are living, if you feel stuck, unmotivated, or unsure what to do to create a life of abundance, this podcast is for YOU!

We dive deep into a plethora of topics, and Morgan’s infectious personality shines bright, and I know you will instantly fall in love with her, and what she has to offer!

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