Stopping The Cycle of Over-Exercising and Under-Eating with Monica Byron

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In this episode we dive into all things body confidence, and going from a life controlled by dieting and fitness, to a life where health and balance is the main priority! Our guest Monica Byron is passionate about helping women lose weight and feel confident in their skin without dieting! Monica spent years jumping from diet to diet, focusing on being skinny, and just wanting to feel good in her own body. Since her 40+ pound weight loss journey and finding her own confidence, Monica wants to help other women simplify weight loss and prove that they CAN feel good in their body!

Monica is the host of the Positive Looks Good On You Podcast.

Instagram: monicarosebyron

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Breaking Up With Dieting... FOR GOOD with RDN Whitney Catalano

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Whitney Catalano, RDN is a dietitian helping people break free from the diet/binge cycle, heal their relationship with food, make peace with their bodies, and take the power back from the inner bully. Whitney has a podcast and instagram called Trust Your Body Project, which teaches people how to stop emotional and binge eating and start trusting their bodies more than all the diet culture BS we're taught to follow.

Let's Talk Diversity & Discrimination in the Fitness Industry

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I am SO excited to release this podcast. This episode breaks through the barriers of diversity, race, and background as Tish and I discuss all the issues, misconceptions, and NOT talked about issues in not just the fitness industry, but our world today.

Whether you feel as if you already have a diverse group of people around you, we can always do MORE. This conversation really helped me to understand this sensitive issue, and some incredible solutions we ALL can implement into our daily lives to include ALL women no matter their race, shape, size, religion, sexual orientation, culture, or background!

Tish Shaefer has a health and wellness business that specifically focuses in on the busy woman and how you can make your life more sustainable while still incorporating healthy eating and habits! Tish LOVES to chat about nutrition and how important food is to fuel our bodies!

Tish’s Instagram: @tishschaef

Tish’s Website (lots of recipes and food ideas!)

From a Business Idea, To a Reality with Business Coach Becky Feigin

Today I chat with business coach Becky Feigin about mindset, confidence, and how to take a business idea and make it a reality!

Becky is a social media & business growth coach. She specifically helps aspiring and new female entrepreneurs build a foundation for their business and learn how to successfully launch a core offer through building out a core offer, mastering sales and IG marketing, and creating a launch plan. She also has a mindset focus in her coaching because she truly believes “you can't really have a successful business if you aren't in the right headspace/in alignment.”

Becky’s Coaching:

Becky’s Instagram: @beckyfeigin

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Grow Your Business & Shift Your Mind with Lauren Tickner

Lauren Tickner, Business coach. How to build an online business

Today I had the pleasure to chat with Lauren Tickner!

Lauren Tickner is the 22 year old founder & CEO of Impact School, an online coaching company for those who want to start and scale their own online coaching business. Lauren's committed to helping you achieve a life of freedom and fulfilment. Lauren got her start in the fitness industry and was sponsored by and did photoshoots for brands such as Adidas and PEScience. When she was dropped by Gymshark, she realized the importance of building something of her own... Being a sponsored athlete was not a stable career path, despite the fact that so many aspire to achieve it. That's when she went all in on building her online coaching company. Now, her business is on the path to 7 figures and her podcast, The Impact School Podcast, has been ranked in the top 10 of all business podcasts in the world by several major publications.

The Truth About Finding Food Freedom, With Coach Bree Shook

Food freedom is a HOT topic right now. Because honestly? There are so many people struggling to have a healthy, seamless, and effortless relationship with food. Today we dive into all things food freedom with food freedom coach Bree Shook. I stumbled across her instagram one day on the explore page and was instantly hooked. I was sending my clients screen shots of her posts daily, because they are just SO spot on!

Bree Shook is a Food Freedom Coach who supports chronic dieters on their path to food freedom! If you are interested in working more closely with her, she offers 1-1 coaching, as well as a self paced program. Check out her website here for more info:

Bree’s Instagram: @breeshook

We Are Proof. #UKHealthCare

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Some of you may not know this, but I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a major in Public Health. Being a coach, I work with so many nurses and I get to see first hand how much these incredible women do on a day to day basis. It truly is remarkable. I have partnered with UK Healthcare to promote their recent campaign We Are Proof. UK Healthcare is truly so incredible, and the work they do there is heroic! They deserve all the credit, and support in the world.

These are the people who save lives, cure diseases, lend a hand, and keep our community together! It would mean the world to me if you could take a second to watch this amazing video they have put together. It will give you the perfect depiction of what UK Healthcare stands for!

Please share with family and friends if you support UK Health Care <3

We Are Proof

Here's to every patient and caregiver. Every nurse and doctor. Every researcher, therapist, tech and team member. Across the Commonwealth and beyond, you prove The Power of Advanced Medicine every day.

Posted by UK HealthCare on Friday, May 31, 2019

QUICK GAB: Getting Out Of A "Funk" & What To Do When It's Just Not Your Day


Today was…. just not my day. I woke up in one of those moods, i’m sure you are fully aware of what I mean. I turned to my instagram stories to actually walk through it in the moment, and actively show you guys what I do when I am having one of “those days”. After I felt a lot better I thought it would be cool to look at it from the other side and give you guys some tangible tips and tricks for when you are in a “funk”. Enjoy <3

Crystals and Holistic Healing With Kaylyn Gooslin

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Join Kaylyn and I for a super intriguing and eye opening conversation about healing crystals, chakras, and holistic healing! This was so interesting to learn about, as I am completely new to all of this (as i’m sure you probably are too!) however, I bet you have seen people using crystals, or talking about chakras! So now, you can be educated on what exactly all of it is about! Come into this podcast with an open mind and heart, and I know you will learn SO much about the world of crystals and holistic healing!

From Weight Loss Junkie To Self Love Figurehead: Finding Comfort In Your Skin, At Any Size With Choosing Chelsea

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Today I had the pleasure of talking with Chelsea Culbertson (@choosingchelsea) a part time nurse, mom, and self love figurehead on social media! However, finding comfort in her skin has not always been so easy. Chelsea talks about her journey with obsessive tracking/fitness habits and how it lead her down a dark path. She takes us through the incredible transition she made in her life to put the macro trackers down, find freedom, and embrace her body for what it is.

Keep an eye out for Chelsea’s website, which will be live soon, as well as an ebook she is releasing!


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Let’s talk about… the things we say to ourself! Our thoughts effect us in greater ways than we could ever imagine! In this podcast I discuss:

Our thoughts control our reality. What our mind thinks, our body feels. 

  1. Like attracts like: when you THINK more positively, you feel more positive.

    • Actionable Tips:

  2. Our environment effects our thoughts and our mood.

    • What, who, and where you surround yourself with really does effect how we feel. 

    • Negative tribe: Cultivating a positive tribe is essential

    • Negative work environment

    • Actionable tips

The Power of GRATITUDE When Life Throws You The Unexpected

The Power Of GRATITUDE. My Car Crash Story.jpg

Sooo, I was in a car accident this weekend. It wasn’t a pretty one either. Thankfully everyone involved walked away unharmed, and it wasn’t my car that was totaled. Anyway, it gave me a lot to think about and reflect on. So, I urge you to listen to this quick episode if you feel like the world has been heavy recently.. if you feel overwhelmed… or if you have just been feeling blahhh. This little chat is for YOU!

INSTA LIVE Q&A: Building Confidence, My Unconventional Relationship With God & MORE

Instagram LIVE Q&A_ Building Confidence, My Unconventional Relationship With God, And MORE!.jpg

This is a replay from the instagram live Q&A I did! We dove into a bunch of different topics, from religion, to exercise, to relationships and business! Give this podcast a listen if you want a glimpse into the life of Gabby, and what makes me… me!

*The review of the week went to Giorgia Piantanida (please email me to claim your prize!)

Become OBSESSED With The Life You Are Living with "Chasing Better" Author - Corey Baker

This podcast might possibly be the most eye opening, motivating, and thought provoking one to date! Join in on Corey and I’s conversation about how you can become the best version of yourself, become obsessed with your life, and achieve all of the things you only dream about!

Corey is a dad, a husband, an ex-pastor, a health and fitness coach, and author of the book “Chasing Better”. This book is a MUST READ for those wanting to become their best selves in 2019. It is motivational, educational, and funny! Through the stories he tells he teaches you all of his secrets to living your best life, setting fear aside, and stepping out of your comfort zone so you can fall in love with the life you are living!


Gabby Male Evolve Your Life Podcast. Budget better and save more money in 2019

This episode is all about SAVING THE MULAAAA! This is my theme of 2019 - MONAYYYY. I want to make more of it, I want to save more of it, and I want to live in an abundance mindset towards it! When money is flowing, people are so much happier, less stressed, and have an overall better quality of life! So stop denying is sister, it’s OKAY to want to make more/save more money! In this episode I chat about my 8 tips to budget better and save more money in 2019!

This episode is sponsored by my new 6-week business course EVOLVE YOUR BUSINESS, available now for only $99! Click HERE To Enroll!

Building A Successful "Side Hustle" With Space, Place, and Southern Grace Blogger Sarah Caton

Sarah is the author of the lifestyle blog Space, Place & Southern Grace. Her first book, Lessons We Paid For, is an experience-based guide for upcoming and current college students. It addresses a variety of issues such as living, learning, sexuality, mental health, and more, Lessons We Paid For challenges readers to adopt a feminist perspective when making decisions in college. Her second book, being released in early 2019 is called: This Little Thing I Do Sometimes and it is a blueprint for small business owners. It covers a lot of often overlooked business fundamentals, but focuses on how strategic language and communication must be at the core of your business values.

In this podcast we discuss her journey to becoming a small business owner, her tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and many tactics she has used to create a successful side hustle through blogging, photography, business coaching, and social media marketing!

Turning FOLLOWERS Into CLIENTS Without Being "Salesy"

turning followers into clients without being salesly on the evolve your life podcast with gabby male

In this podcast I will go through the steps, actions, and tips I have to not only cultivate a kick ass tribe on your social media (regardless of how many followers you have!), but also how to truly connect with them, and turn them into potential clients/buyers without losing your authenticity!

I get it, pitching and getting your salesman on can feel kind of icky. But these are the steps I take to help me attract an amazing community of women who believe and trust in me and my message!